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JavaScript Basics

10 minute read

Notes that I’ve taken as I’ve been learning JavaScript.

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Parse TOPdesk Access Logs with PowerShell

2 minute read

Do you know who has logged into your TOPdesk environment? Did you know that TOPdesk offers you access logs? Unfortunately the process to access these is rath...

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Updating HelpUri for a Large Module

2 minute read

Contributing to open source is something that I really enjoy doing and want to do more of. I have been using the PowerShell Framework while developing module...

A Toasty Pomodoro Timer

6 minute read

I’ve been putting some thought into how I can use my time more effectively and stumbled upon the Pomodoro Technique. The overly-simplified concept is that yo...

Powershell Summit = Expectations Exceeded

13 minute read

Holy cow, that was one of the best weeks of my life. This is more of a story than a direct event recap, but I hope that you will follow along. I was fortunat...

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